At ICREA Cortona Real estate Agency we understand the complexities of buying or selling from abroad, but choosing an agency in Italy shouldn’t faze you anymore than if you were at home; the parameters remain the same – good communication, integrity and professionalism.
We’ve prepared a checklist to help you get started.
The agency you choose should be able to tick all boxes!


  • The right credentials:
    • FIAIP Membership (Italian Association of Professional Real Estate Agents)
    • CIPS/NAR membership (Certified International Property Specialist/National Association of Realtors®)
    • Registration at the Chamber of Commerce
    • English speaking agents
    • Access to English speaking surveyors, notaries, lawyers and legal translators


  • A compliancy status report for its individual properties:
    • Is the property ready for immediate sale?
    • If not, can it be regularised?
    • If so, what are the issues and how long will regularisation take?
    • Ensure its full regularisation is made a condition of sale
    • Specify that in the event compliance is not attained, your down payment be made automatically refundable by the notary, with no right to legal recourse for the vendor
  • Estimated costs for:
    • Annual property taxes
    • Refuse tax (this will be very approximate because it depends on a number of variables)
    • Condominium fees (if any)
    • On-going maintenance per annum
  • Documentation ascertaining that:
    • The seller is the legitimate and only owner of the title deeds to the property
    • The deeds have not been used as collateral for any loans
    • Any rights to pre-emption have been waived
  • A registered Italian surveyor, to check...
    • The standard issues regarding town planning regulations and compliancy
    • That all utilities are certified and/or attached and functional (water, sewage, electricity, gas, boiler)
    • That pool and pumps are functional
    • If there are any disputed access roads
    • If there are rights of use/rights of way on or through the property
    • If the property has been de-ruralised and is a civic habitation
    • The condition of the roof
    • The condition of doors and windows
    • The damp assessment
    • The compliancy of gas installation (GPL tank or mains), both inside and outside the house
  • An English speaking notary
    • As the buyer you are entitled to choose the presiding notary who in Italy, is at your disposal for any legal advice or questions you may have, pertaining to the property and its purchase.
  • A full spectrum of post-sales services (preferably with English speakers):
    • Transferring utilities into your name
    • Informing town council of new ownership
    • On-going general assistance
    • Property management packages
    • Holiday rentals management
    • Facilitation of home improvements and/or renovations
    • Facilitation of interior design solutions/makeovers

If you are thinking of buying a property, why do you not take a look at the extensive services we provide?

Roberto Ghezzi ICREA Cortona’s Owner