Icrea Cortona

Via Nazionale 73 - 52044 Cortona (AR) Italy

(+39) 0575 603790

(+39) 334 362 5527


ita - eng

VILLA DOUMINA - 360.000 €
PIAZZANO - Cod. Ref V 25

Nestled in the countryside between olive groves and vineyards with Cortona on the hillside,

is a stone house of 1850 square feet.  Situated in a Borgo of 4 other quiet, and kind neighbors.


A simple and comfortable floor plan, with big open rooms, and excellent window light flooding into the house at all 

hours of the day.  On these windows are single hung artisan screens so you may open your windows without

flys etc.


A german born man built the wood fire place in the kitchen with pizza oven drawer that heats the entire home if desired.

Otherwise gas heat and radiated rooms are well appointed.


The home also has a fireplace in the living room that is in perfect working condition.


A small back yard is done in stone and wood and a simple array of Lavender, Rosemarino and Laurel.

A timed sprinkler waters the garden in the late evening and early morning.


An alarm system is also in the house.  

2 bedrooms, 1 and 1/2 bathrooms, a large corridor, kitchen and large living area.

Back room can be converted to a dining area.

Cantina under the house is very spacious, with washing machine area.


House was rented in the past for 1200 per week if you are looking for this option.

Can be left partially furnished.